Today and into the future, United Pumps focuses on designing and manufacturing environmentally sound prod-ucts that are in harmony with nature and sustainable development. Products that create a better working envi-ronment for the people who use them and that perform efficiently and consume a minimum of energy.
We Build on Experience.
We bring together years of applied knowledge, theoretical experience and all-round experience in the field of fluid control systems. We always take great care to ensure that the insights gained in working on numerous pro-jects are passed on to all our employees. We focus our curiosity, passion and commitment on one goal; to provide solutions that take your company that essential step forward.
We aim to exceed your expectations, to make it happen with enthusiasm and efficiency, not just to look forward but to move forward, to challenge conventional wisdom, to do things differently, to tackle problems others think are impossible, and to never give up when the going gets tough. We demonstrate these strengths time and time again. Our wealth of experience is the solid platform on which our business is based. It allows us to turn our en-thusiasm and efficiency into creativity, covert off beat ideas into surprising innovations and put together individ-ual components to create completely new systems that open up unexpected possibilities.
Take advantage of our experience, even if the problem seems irresolvable, challenge us, put United Pumps to
the test – it is the tough challenges that drive us, moving you and us forward.


High efficiency manufacturing to the most exacting tolerances.


Highly Qualified Engineers utilizing the latest CAD design software to produce high performance & efficient products.


United Pumps workshop facilities are equipped with full test tank fa-cilities to ensure guaranteed quality and performance of your equip-ment. We ensure that your pump is working reliably before it leaves the workshop. Our priority is to return your equipment to you as soon as possible in the best possible condition.


United Pumps maintain large stocks & provides guaranteed quality and performance on all genuine parts. We are synonymous with effi-cient, versatile products of the highest quality.


Our fleet of service vehicles, including truck/ crane facilitates on site servicing. Regular maintenance servicing and repairs of your pumping equipment, where practical, are done on site.