Each United Pumps unit is assembled from perfectly matched Components, motors and hydraulic end modules in order to achieve maximum efficiency and economy.

Our dedicated sales and service teams build quality long-term relationships because we understand the impor-tance of being reliable, innovative and an effective partner helping you achieve success.
As each application of our products is unique, our sales and service team aim to create solutions to meet your needs. Our business is focused on value added customer service where we become an integral part of your
Our specialist team will provide you with knowledge, skills, extensive resources and analysis of your application to assist you in the selection of the most appropriate product.
In designing fluid management systems, United Pumps has a wealth of knowledge. Our engineering services also include performance testing on site or in the workshop. The workshop facilities enable test rigging of dry mounted and submersible pumps. Hydrostatic testing to ensure all new pumps are up to stringent United Pumps standards is also available.
Providing good service comprises a number of elements, a fast and efficient response, spare parts being available immediately, getting customers systems up and running again as soon as possible. These are all areas in which United Pumps excels!